Carbon Peelin What is Carbon Peeling?

Carbon Peelin What is Carbon Peeling?

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Carbon Peelin What is Carbon Peeling?

Carbon Peelin


Carbon Peelin What is Carbon Peeling? 

Carbon peeling, in general, is the process of vaporization of the upper layer of the skin using Q-Switch laser. While the carbon mask applied on the skin is peeled using laser, dead cells in the skin get evaporated and the amount of collagens in the skin increases. Increased collagen results in narrowed pores and a better skin. This is not the only effect of carbon peeling, it also opens up the colour pigments in the skin, removing stains.

Who can receive carbon peeling treatment?

People with stained skins, who want a tight and shiny face and when applied as a package, for those who want to experience the anti-aging effects. It tightens the skin, heals it, smoothens it, removes stains, treats acne scars and protects oil balance. In short, when applied enough, carbon peeling will provide a smooth and spotless skin.

How is Carbon Peeling Applied?

The skin is cleaned and covered with a carbon mask. Via pulses applied on the skin through the mask, the mask is evaporated and peeled. Thanks to this mask, laser beams can have efficient energy distribution throughout the skin. During the peeling process, stains on the skin and scars are eliminated along with the mask, the amount of collagens in the skin increases and skin is cleaned.

How long does Carbon Peeling last?

Carbon mask application and drying the applied mask take 20 to 25 minutes. Dried carbon mask is then peeled using laser. This takes another 10 minutes. Are there side effects? After the application, temporary rashes and pink colour on the skin might be experienced.

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